Inspiring a Risk-Aware, Just Culture in your Organization

Inspiring a Risk-Aware, Just Culture in your Organization: Looking forward to learn, not backward to blame

The concept of Just Culture started with James Reason, and then was greatly expanded on by Sidney Dekker in his various books of that title. Dekker has continued to evolve the concept from its simplistic beginnings to a more sophisticated “Restorative Just Culture” approach.

Attend this session to learn how to foster cultural norms that empower employees to candidly discuss their concerns and proactively report on risks, incidents, and more. Shift from a blame-oriented culture to one focused on collective learning that analyzes and addresses harm from a systems perspective. This approach calls for disciplining employees for inappropriate behavior, rather than for harm, which often stems from myriad underlying factors—not just individual decisions and actions. Leave this session ready to reconnect with your team so you can collectively identify risks, address harm, and enact justice rather than punishment.

Tuesday, Oct 20th
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm